Food delivery

In collaboration with Nom Nom Healthy Meal Delivery ltd, Eva Schmidt Fitness offers an option of daily meal delivery based on Eva Schmidt Fitness’ individually customized meal plans to support your healthy lifestyle and specific body transformation journey. 

About Nom Nom Healthy Meal delivery ltd:

Nom Nom is a healthy food service provider, based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Our ultimate mission is to support clients on their path to a happy and healthy life through fresh nutritional meals.

Our vision is to make high quality, great value meals accessible to everyone. Nom Nom’s overall essence captures a well-rounded, healthy, fresh and inspiring spirit.

The Team inspires others to live a healthier and happier life.


Only high quality, locally sourced, sustainably grown ingredients are used.

No artificial flavours, MSG or refined sugars are used. 

Nom Nom is partnered with many local gyms, offering deals, to help create a healthier community. 

Nom Nom goes above and beyond by additionally offering philanthropy services to schools and staff.

Please fill in the attached form to manage your healthy meal delivery and our team will contact you with all of the details within a couple of hours.